Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lady Catherine Dive and Fishing Charters

Lady Catherine Dive and Fish Charters operates out of Marathon Florida and is one of the few affordable over six person charter fishing boats in the Keys.  Most fishing charters are limited to 6 anglers or focus on more than 20 anglers.  The Lady Catherine falls in the niche for groups just over the limit.  The Lady is a 30 foot Island Hopper docked at Sea Scape Resort and is great for family reunion and wedding party crowds that are never sure exactly how many will want to partake of a day on the water.

Realistically, fishing more than 6 anglers requires a bit of cooperation.  Even fishing 6 can be a challenge since most fish don't understand every angler wants the biggest and most fish.  Fishing is one of those inconsistent rewards events where not every day is better than the last so don't count on getting your bucket list fish the first time out.  You can count on a good day on the water and almost every time more fish than you can eat in one setting.

The Lady Catherine prices are in the average range for her size at about $600 per half day and $900-950 per full day, but also offers sunset cruises for $25 per person.  Larger parties, especially those staying at Sea Scape can arrange for a number of affordable combinations.  If you are a diver, Lady Catherine has plenty of tanks and Halls Dive Shop has rental gear if you don't want to bring your own.

Call Capt. Jim at 305.743.5544 or Capt. David at 305.743.9867 for more information of visit the website

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